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Bird Watching

The North Olympic Peninsula offers exceptional bird watching year round. Our mild winter supports large numbers of ocean birds, including waterfowl. Spring and fall are migration times and offer great diversity in species. Summer residents are numerous and varied due to the diversity of habitat - from rain forest to tidelands.

Gardiner Beach, east of Diamond Point

The bay hosts a series of pelagic (ocean) birds such as loons, grebes, mergansers, scooters, old squaws, cormorants and golden eyes, depending on the season. Shore birds are abundant at low tide. Just south of the beach is a brackish pond that leads to a rise of land forested with fir and alder. The pond offers a variety of waterfowl while the trees provide roosting and perching areas for bald eagles, great blue herons and belted kingfishers.

John Wayne Marina and Sequim Bay State Park

A variety of shore and sea birds and winter waterfowl can be seen. North of the marina is Washington Harbor. Its extensive mud flats should not be overlooked. Jameston Beach is noted for its shorebirds (during migration) and winter waterfowl, including black brant. Also keep an eye open for eagles and eregrine falcons.

Dungeness Bay, at Three Crabs Restaurant

Look for cormorants, osprey and eagles on the pilings. On the beach at low tide are sanderlings, turnstones and plovers.

Dungeness Recreation Area

Is ideal with open, dry grass and shrubs. Look for western meadowlarks, mourning doves and kestrel. The adjoining county park sports populations of sparrows, towhees and a variety of passerines that inhabit picnic and camping area.

Olympic National Forest

At the service campground at the confluence of the Greywolf and Dungeness Rivers. This forest location provides an opportunity to observe crossbills, dippers, warbleers, chickadees, nuthatches and thrushes, to name a few.

Olympic National Park, at Hurricane Ridge

Besides the above mentioned birds, one may see ravens, Steller's and gray jays, several of the thrushes, and other species. A visitor is will advised to stop by the Park Visitor Center first, and for a minimal price obtain a bird checklist, which is also available at Rainshadow Books in Sequim.

Ediz Hook, in Port Angeles

The protected water and log storage area attract large numbers and species of shorebirds including plovers, shimbrels, oyster catchers, turnstones and sanderling. These waters also provide one of the Peninsula's best areas for gull species. Pilings serve as a roost for cormorants. The oceanside waters may yield auklets, puffin, and in the winter, flocks of common murres.

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